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Newt or lizard?

Observed: 12th October 2012 By: SoniaB

Not very good photos - sorry
Last night I came home from work and found two small (approx 1 inch) lizards/newts outside my front door. Are they newts or lizards? If so, what type? If they are newts I am confused -there is a deep pond about 30 metres from my house, but apart from that there are no ponds nearby. I found a bigger lizard/newt once before in the same place (outside my front door) but didn't take a photo. They seem to come out when it is really wet.

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Non-breeding Newts

Smooth and Palmate are very difficult to i/d out of the breeding season and I haven't yet found a way to do it. Not even sure if I can tell what sex the ones I find are (often indoors in winter, also under a manhole cover!).

Any pointers gratefully received.

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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terrestrial newts

It is tricky, but there are a few features that are helpful. The colour and spot pattern of the belly and throat id a clue: smooth newts with more, larger spots and often a spotted throat, palmates with fewer spots and a pink unspotted throat. The best feature for adults are two small white tubercles on the hind feet of the palmate newts, which are brown and therefore difficult to see on the smooth newt. Juveniles can be distinguished by the characteristics of the the dorsal stripe. See this observation: