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Observed: 8th October 2012 By: Simon WalkerSimon Walker’s reputation in InvertebratesSimon Walker’s reputation in InvertebratesSimon Walker’s reputation in InvertebratesSimon Walker’s reputation in Invertebrates
Hoverfly, Eristalix pertenax, Fowlmere, 2012-10-08 001
Hoverfly, Eristalix pertenax, Fowlmere, 2012-10-08 002

I thought it might be Eristalix pertenax, but I'm probably wrong. I usually am.

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Hi Matt.
I got my id of Eristalix pertenax from the internet. Is it a mis-spelling of Eristalis pertinax, do you think? It looks like it to me. It didn't occur to me that that might be the case. If it is, can I have a brownie point for a good try? ;-)


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You'll have to ask the OU regarding the handing out of brownie points - they are the ones that control the points and prizes on the site. :-)

You original ID looks to be a misspelling - I can point you at a whole series of mispellings or incorrect IDs that are slowly propagating themselves across the net as people unkowingly find errors and copy the info themselves.

Best way to get he correct spelling on I-Spot is to use the "Get Recommended" function - type in a few letters of the name and see what it suggests.


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Drives Me Nuts

...when inaccurate information starts to creep through the net. It's at its worst when some idiot deliberately does it as a joke. I've come across it several times on Wikipedia, and I've actually spoken to someone whose son had added false information 'in fun'. Stupid woman thought it was amusing. I growled quite a lot,and tried to convince her that (a) it's NOT funny and (b) it interferes with peoples' research. Too brainless for it to sink in though.