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Dwarf gorse

Observed: 11th October 2012 By: ngough24ngough24’s reputation in Plantsngough24’s reputation in Plants
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perhaps more likely to be U gallii in Cornwall

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in U. gallii

the top petal of the flower is usually longer than the lower petal/s.
I've also heard gorse species can be told apart by counting the number of lateral grooves running along the stems, but I remain sceptical.

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So why are there purple

So why are there purple flower as well as yellow ????

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The purple flowers ...

... belong to another plant - a heath. I think it's Erica cinerea (bell heather), but Cornwall has several species that I don't know.

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Yes i think it is dwarf gorse well done,although we are not experts and they who commented dont live in cornwall to see it we do ha ha !or maybe they do????