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Common ragwort?

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Ragwort was formerly much

Ragwort was formerly much employed medicinally for various purposes. The leaves are used in the country for emollient poultices and yield a good green dye, not, however, permanent. The flowers boiled in water give a fair yellow dye to wool previously impregnated with alum.

It is used with success in relieving rheumatism, sciatica and gout, a poultice of the green leaves being applied to painful joints and reducing the inflammation and swelling. It makes a good gargle for ulcerated throat and mouth, and is said to take away the pain caused by the sting of bees.

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Common Ragwort

Yes this is very likely to be this plant.More facts if youre interested; Its called jacobaea because there is a moth called Tryia Jacobaeae(cinabar moth)maybe???the orang/black caterpillars love to eat the foliage,its reputed to be their favorite-Found in grassy places near road sides, dune slacks,waste ground and found in rural and urban areas.very common as its name implies.