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White flowering fuchsia?

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There is a white form of Fuchsia magellanica - var. molinae.

I can't say whether this is that. It looks like a magellanica-type, but I don't know how many cultivars belong to the species, and how many are hybrids, nor how to tell which are which.

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Thanks Lavateraguy, The

Thanks Lavateraguy,

The reason I asked what I did above is that it is so similar to the more familiar red F. magellanica, I thought it possible it was the same species in a different hue. It will maybe just have to stay at 'Fuchsia'.


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I vote for magellenica

I have had a F. magellanica, and it was very much this pale, nearly white colour.

(Beautiful photo, btw!)

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
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Thanks Rachy, I thought this

Thanks Rachy,

I thought this particular branch shouldnt be passed by, as ever I was hunting invertebrates with a headlight in hedges- this is why many of the plant queries I have involve night time pics- it makes it really easy to achieve focus too, using a flash (cheating).

It does look very much like magellanica in all ways but colour.


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white flowering fuchsia

This looks very much like the Fuchsia magellanica var. molinae i have grown. There are several cultivars of F. magellanica but the main differnce is in the foliage colour rather than the flower. This plant used to be F. magellanica 'Alba' though quite why when it has pink tinged flowers unless it was just that compared with the type flower it was white. A variety called Hawkshead ( named after the Devon garden it was found in I think) has pure white flowers of the same size and type and is a plant to be treasured for its late season show.

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Thanks Paul, I wish it was

Thanks Paul,

I wish it was still just called magellanica alba, great name. There is a more pinkish flowering one in a neighbours garden, very light pink but these ones above found on the fringes of an old country house grounds, growing wild were whiter again.