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Bird of prey, but what?

Observed: 6th October 2012 By: keith browne
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bird of prey

i think it might be a female kestrel

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Looks like a young Golden

Looks like a young Golden Eagle, (Aquila chrysaetos), or a Merlin, (Falco tinnunculus). Both native to upland areas, particularly in Scotland.

S. Heale

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Colours of beak and claws and

Colours of beak and claws and lack of streaks seems to fit Golden Eagle best.


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Young Golden Eagle

This is clearly nothing like a Kestrel nor a Merlin, both of which have distinctive markings, and are much, much smaller.
This bird looks to have jesses on its legs, and is presumably a captive bird.

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Another eagle?

Not sure this is a goldie, looks almost too light for a juv Golden Eagle, and the tail doesn't appear to have a pale base and dark terminal band.....

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Under What Circumstances was the Picture Taken?

It must be a captive bird; so could it be a cross of some sort?

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bird of prey

Its CERTAINLY a tawny eagle. Aquila rapax

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