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Black Ear/Cup in Lawn: Otidea bufonia?

Hi All,

We have just had a photo submitted to our Facebook page and i was wondering if someone would be able to suggest an identification.

To me it looks like a large/dark Otidea bufonia but that would be unusual and we lack the resources in house to be able to identify it with confidence, i have asked if we would be able to share the photo in which case i would put it up here and send it to our local fungi expert but in the meantime i hoped knowledgeable enthusiasts from here might be able to take a look!

Link to photo:

If this fails then just search Facebook for Merseyside BioBank and check the recent posts/our timeline

---- edit ----
This observation is now on iSpot!



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looks like helvella lacunosa

looks like helvella lacunosa

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