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Moss and Lichen

Observed: 7th October 2012 By: Joe HayesJoe Hayes’s reputation in Plants
Moss and Lichen
Moss and Lichen

Located on a fallen oak.

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There are two types of plant in your picture. There are mosses (I.m not expert enough to tell what they are - however they are not Sphagnum)and there are lichens. Lichens often have a blue/green colouration and a wide variety of structures whereas most mosses are green and have recognisable leaves.

If you were to put this id in again in the "fungi and lichens" section you might get an answer to species.

Good luck

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Ecosystems and Habitats - new designation

I have changed Likely (from Cladonia) to Sphagnopsida -well, my agreement did.
I do NOT believe this picture conatins sphagnum mosses, so my agreement is 'spurious'.
The main reason I arrived is that this is the ONLY occurence of the word Sphagnopsida
So I came to test the validity of the Bryophyta Class Sphagnopsida. Why?
Well, this is an excellent picture of a small ecosystem or a bryphytic landscape and I am going to propose a new style of posting - Ecosystems or Habital Landscapes. The issue facing those who might want to join in, is the Valiodity of the ID Panel.
In this case we can see that IF this was a Sphagnum Landscape, then the ID will work. But will it get agreements? And will Habitats get support?
This is lovely - but what could we call it - that the UKSI would accept?
And my more recent test - needs an agreement!
So Mark (anyone), if you come, forgive the temporary error of Likely. I will shift it back (anyone can) after a few days
Whilst there are probably Cladonia cups visible here it was not Joe Haye's intention to single them out (I suspect)