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Seashore Bug

Observed: 19th September 2012 By: Ancientcameraman1

Turning over a wooden pallet in the dunes, disturbed a number of Black Beetles ( fast moving and small) and also exposed several of the lighter cloured insects as pictured. Approximately 15- 20mm long they seem to prefer to hold still after being disturbed.
Suggestions please.

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Nationally scarce and a

Nationally scarce and a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species.

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Sea shore beetle

Thanks for the Id,

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Youre welcome,I first saw it

Youre welcome,

I first saw it myself on beaches in north Co Wexford just over a month ago. Its got a very restricted range here in Ireland, just that one small area of coastline in the south east, almost directly to the west of where you saw yours.