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Winterly duck

Observed: 23rd February 2012 By: hedgepig
winterly duck

I took this photo of a black duck at Winterly Pool, near Haslington, Crewe, Cheshire. 23 Feb 2012 4:45pm. It was the only one of its type, amongst swans, geese, and other fresh water birds. It has been suggested that it a cross breed. Note the blue back feathers, small eyes and black bill. Hedgepig.

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hyrbrid bird

Although not exactly the same, my wife found very similar on the river at Windsor, Berks.
After a LOT of investigating, it turned out to be 'Black crested duck', which was bred years ago by cross breeding certain ducks to create an ornamental bird for rich peoples ponds.
Your bird is missing the crest but looks very similar and I'd agree it is a x-breed, yes.

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opinions please ?

Surely some (more)waterfowl experts could give their opinions please ? I do have more photos from the visit.

(Jan13- Thanks for the 2 opinions, I am quite satisfied with their identification) Hedgepig.