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Small grey duck

Observed: 3rd October 2012 By: Marfie

Small grey duck. Smaller than Mallard. Similar size (perhaps slightly larger) than Mandarin Duck. Repeated short "wack, wack, wack,...." rather than quack.

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Mallard breeds

Domestic Mallard breeds come in as as many different shapes, sizes, and colours as dogs.
Call Ducks are a small breed, apparently originally bred to produce small, easily 'portable', and very vocal ducks for use as decoys (I believe that the origin of the name is thought to be a corruption of the Dutch word meaning 'cage' or 'trap').

They can have most of the different colours that full sized Mallard breeds come in, with this one close to the blue, bibbed colour form seen in breeds like Blue Swedish. (the 'blue' and 'bibbed' characteristics are separate and should not be hyphenated as I put in the ID - the bib isn't blue!).