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Sorry about picture quality but there through the front door condensation on the glass as very hard frost last night. I have seen this behaviour before when they jump in the air and roll around to attract there pray.This was fascinating yet rather comical to watch,it was running towards the stone wall going half way up doing a summer-salt then landing back on the lawn it would then leap in the air.It has been back for the past two weeks looking for rabbit's and other things living around the barns and in the wood pile.

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It's been suggested

That the "dancing" behaviour may be the result of disease - a type of spongiform encephalopathy that is similar to scrapie and BSE; rather than a deliberate hunting trick.
I'm not sure if more recent work has proved or disproved the theory.

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It's not disease it's a well known fact that they do this I have observed it for over 40 years it is to make there prey curious and I have seen this be successful when they hunt rabbits I actually watch the stoat carry the rabbit off which must have been about four times bigger than it,this is a perfectly healthy stoat,but thanks for your comments


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Good to hear -

I've never been lucky enough to see the behaviour, so the photos make me quite jealous!

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I am lucky to live in a remote location so that's why I see it.I am going to set my Nightcam up so hopefully may get a video of it and I will put the link on to my flickr account so you can view it.


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Pleasure to see

it's not always possible to get super quality pictures...I for one am pleased that you posted these, not seen a stoat for more years than I care to remember. Thanks

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I was lucky enough to watch a pair doing this once, skipping around each other like a folk dance. My ferret used to do the same on the lawn

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Thanks for your comment's I am pleased you enjoyed the photo's it was such a thrill to watch.