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Mystery Bird No 2

Observed: 3rd May 2010 By: SomersetWandererSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in Birds
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Apolgies for heavily cropped photos taken in poor light (6 am ish) but this has left me puzzled. Bird was perched at the top of a very tall Alder and from my "vantage point" appeared much larger than say, a chaffinch or greenfinch, looking more like a smallish dove in size. Thought Hawfinch maybe but bill doesn't look right. Help please - my sanity depends upon it :-)

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I think this may be a Chaffinch.

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Looks like chaffinch

Female chaffinch I'd say.

The size of birds can be quite hard to tell if there is little to compare them with and they are distant.

I find judging the size of birds especially difficult when they are in flight.


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In crisis!

Thanks you for your comments - I was fearful that folks would consider it was a Chaffinch! But I tell you, it was huge, enormous! This means that:

I have discovered a previously unknown "mega" chaffinch species, or

I shouldn't go out so early, or

I should pay a visit to the opticians!

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Poor light

I suspect it is much harder to judge the size of something in poor light, perhaps because it is harder for the eye to focus.

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If it' as cold in Rickmansworth as it is in Teesside, then my money is on a well fluffed-up chaffinch too.

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The first picture has the distinct markings of the Chaffinch, enhancing the pic confirms this