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Unknown duck

Observed: 9th October 2012 By: banstiebanstie’s reputation in Birdsbanstie’s reputation in Birds
Unknown duck
Unknown duck

Seen on reservoir with a large group of Mallards. They seem slightly larger than the Mallards. Orange feet, and green head. One had white markings on wing feathers but not the other (as in photo). Help with ID would be appreciated, as I can't find them in my Mitchell Beasley nor online RSPB identifier.

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Mallard hybrid

Thanks. I did wonder because they both had that glorious green head. Hybrid with domestic duck would you think?

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I think that would be a possibility.

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Domestic ducks like these are Mallards - in the same way as Alsations and Poodles are different breeds of one species.

Almost all domestic ducks are Mallards (although Muscovy Ducks are another species that has been domesticated).