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White dead-nettle

Observed: 7th October 2012 By: V.Arteaga
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Did it sting? It looks rather

Did it sting? It looks rather like a labiate to me.

John Bratton

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yes, it stung. It didn't look

yes, it stung. It didn't look much like a nettle to me either but I wonder if that's because its just a seedling?

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Maybe there are stinging labiates in the Netherlands? (Though it seems unlikely as it is so close to the UK.)

It looks much more like white dead nettle to me - the teeth around the edge look much too rounded for stinging nettle, and this picture really stood out as looking odd in the row of stinging nettle pictures. They do often both grow together though. Maybe it wasn't this one that stung?

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Yes... having looked up

Yes... having looked up images it does look more like white dead nettle. Adding a new identification, thank you!

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white dead nettle ...

... doesn't sting - that's why it's called dead nettle.

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Since this was an observation

Since this was an observation from almost a year ago, I can't really remember if it was this that stung or something else. This plant does not look like common nettle, and having revisited the site this year and seen what is white dead nettle there I assume this has to be that.