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Hairy Caterpillar

Observed: 6th October 2012 By: banstiebanstie’s reputation in Invertebratesbanstie’s reputation in Invertebratesbanstie’s reputation in Invertebrates
Hairy Caterpillar

About 4cm long, pacing up and down on patio not far from lavendar and rosemary.

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ID of Buff Ermine is based on

ID of Buff Ermine is based on the pale stripes either side of the dorsal area. Its almost identical to the dorsal view in ukleps. Otherwise it would be even more difficult to state that this wasn't a Muslin moth larva. Ukleps states Buff Ermine are up to 45mm while Muslin Moth are up to 38mm. You didnt happen to get measurement?

It makes a very big difference to achieveing an ID on a caterpillar if a dorsal and profile view is available, at the least, sometimes a clear view of the head is important also, not always easy as they can tuck the head in out of the way.