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Water vole or rat?

Observed: 4th August 2012 By: alanhopking@her...
Is this a water vole?

I have shown this photo to others and we can't identify what exactly this animal is. It was seen in the new Dipping Place rill, a fresh water spring stream on the Tutton's Well site in Christchurch, Dorset. It has never been seen there before. There was a vole survey undertaken by Natural England a year ago before the Dipping Place as restored, but no voles were found.

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Wet creature

Did you see its tail? I'm wondering if it was a bedraggled baby rabbit, with its ears flat back.

Gill Sinclair
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Vole or what

no it's not a baby rabbit I don't think.... but I'd love to know the distinguishing marks between all these animals viz water vole, common vole, baby rabbit, baby rat... so we can actually get an answer to this one because it's very important to us, as a vole survey was undertaken and none were found 2 years ago. Do you know any experts?

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water vole or rat?

It looks like a rat to me, as it has quite a long snout. I think water voles have flatter faces. But I could easily be wrong...'s picture

vole or what

yes, others weren't able to say whether it was this or that. It's certainly not bedraggles, it just surfaced with these pine leaves on its head!