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Unknown white lichen with black, domed fruiting bodies

Observed: 18th September 2012 By: Ginny B
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On a rock that is surrounded by sea at high tide is this very small white lichen with black, domed fruiting bodies – perithecia? It looks rather as though someone has taken a lumpy spoonful of it and dropped it onto the rock! It is in the splash zone near the top of the rock.
I have failed to find anything that looks or sounds quite like it. Can you help, please?


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Nothing more than a guess based on a similar observation I made on coastal rock. I also wondered about Toninia aromatica, but this doesn't look quite so similar. I'm not very familiar with either of these species.

The fruiting bodies are apothecia, but without a visible thalline margin. The proper margin (or true exciple) is just about visible, unless my eyes deceive me.


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Thank you, Nigel

Had I seen your observation first I would have recognised it as being the same as mine. Thank you for the name. You are right about the Toninia aromatica, it doesn't look quite so similar.

Thank you also for explaining the term 'true exciple' it being one I had not yet grasped. Yes, you are right there is a small margin visible in one of my pics that I had noticed, but then decided to ignore, more fool me!

I think I should get into the habit of taking a look at what other people have posted here. I certainly missed those two posts of yours, more's the pity. It certainly would have helped me.