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Hedgerow tree

Observed: 8th October 2012 By: heathboyheathboy’s reputation in Plantsheathboy’s reputation in Plants
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Corylus avellana

Outrageously bad photo, Heathboy! But the catkins and the hairiness of the tip of the branch suggest common Hazel.

To be sure, perhaps you could get us a photo of a single leaf, facing the camera, which would show the shape of the leaf (if symmetrical and heart-shaped, looking good for Hazel) and perhaps you could check the area around it: you rarely get one Hazel all alone, there are normally a group of smaller ones around it.

Also, they are often found growing as multi-stemmed trees, as they re-grow well after coppicing, either deliberately by hedge-cutters, or accidentally by council workmen.


Rachy Ramone

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