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Parmelia saxatalis?

Observed: 30th September 2012 By: Ginny B
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Parmelia saxatalis?
P1040091_possibly Parmelia saxatilis or sulcata

On the boundary between woodland and farmland, growing on an oak twig, a green-grey foliose lichen with a rather netlike pattern on the lobes as well as what looks like brownish soredia. The underside of the lobes is black with tiny rhizines. Also present, but not noticed until looking at the photo are possibly a few very small apothecia. I am not sure if this is Parmelia saxatilis or Parmelia sulcata but as it is not unlike the former that I found growing on a wall I am guessing at this.


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P. sulcata and P. saxatilis

Both have the netlike pattern on the lobes. P. sulcata has soredia, which you mention. P. saxatilis has isidia, which you mentioned in your description for the one growing on the stone wall bridge.

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Thanks Phil

Thanks Phil. Trust me to pick the wrong one! I believe I should go back and look for whiskers on the ends of the lobes too.

I'm always getting soredia and isidia confused too. Must get the difference into my head!