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Cherry tree fungus?

Observed: 4th October 2012 By: DHPainter
unidentified goo

Sticky jelly-like and round. Dripping off branch.


No identification made yet.

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I think this is the same as one I posted

My post is at:
Several of the cherries in the woodland were affected by it. I didn't receive any identifications, unfortunately.

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Honey fungus?

Thank you Amadan, very interesting.I have no clue!

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cherry jelly

Could it just be solidifying sap following damage to the plant?

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I assumed it was sap -

the question I was hoping to resolve was why the cherries, and no other trees, were moribund and producing it - in several cases from more than one point on the tree.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't related to honey fungus, which I would recognise, I wondered about bacteria or other fungi like phytophora.

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cherry jelly

Cherries do tend to "bleed" sap a little though not usually on this scale

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I have seen this on cherry

I have seen this on cherry many times, sap.


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