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Parasol Mushrooms

Hi All,just wondering if there is any connection between certain trees and Parasol mushrooms.30 years ago lots of my fields had these mushrooms every Autumn near mature Elms usually. These tress were lost to disease over a short time (Elm disease )and I havn"t seen them since ,I gave some time looking for them this year without success in fields with organic management and mature full height hedgerows .Has anyone any idea why they dissappeared ?



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probably not

Parasol mushrooms are litter decomposers and most are true grassland species. They don't form mycorrhizal partnerships with elms or any other tree.

I suggest that this is just slow environmental change. An area is good for something for a while, but perhaps some nutrient is depleted, or some unseen succession is taking place (quite apart from all the things we ourselves are doing to our environment), and after a few years the area still looks the same, but subtly it is not.

Atmospheric deposition of nitrogen compounds, in particular from agrochemicals and traffic exhausts, is playing Hell with our lichens and may well be having other insidious effects on our fungi.

What is the "organic management" I wonder? Nutrient enrichment of any sort, "organic" or otherwise, may not suit Parasols - I am guessing.


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sorry for not replying sooner ,my laptop brokedown and was out of action.The organic in this case is that the land has been worked the same for last 50+ yrs no fertiliser ,reseeding or spraying . The only thing is a major road and now motorway passes it by,I have been checking since in all the places I used to find ,and asked several others to look out for them without success since my origional post .
Thanks for your comment .