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Observed: 12th June 2012 By: blup

About 5mm long. Is the white covering a growing part of the animal or gathered and attached?

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added another photo

Sorry didn't see it on any foliage. Another photo attached, tangled on some cloth. Hope it helps.

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If a Sawfly then it might be

If a Sawfly then it might be Alder Sawfly, but to me it looks like the larva of the Ladybird used as a biological control for Mealy Bugs, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, which looks similar to its prey. The adult has brown head & thorax with brown tips to the black elytra.
3prs of legs, no discernable prolegs.
The meal/waxy covering is protection & produced by the larva


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Not just Cryptolaemus...

I don't know tha sawfly larvae, so can't comment on them, but while Cryptolaemus montrouzieri larvae are like this, and the species is used in the UK, several native species (particularly the 9 resident Scymnus species) have very similar larvae

Record your ladybird sightings!

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No pro-legs so don't think

No pro-legs so don't think it's a Symphytae, still looks like a Mealy Bug predator.


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Scymnus species

Had experience with these this year my self, thought ladybird larvae too.