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Wheatear ?

Observed: 28th April 2010 By: AlladellAlladell’s reputation in BirdsAlladell’s reputation in Birds
Westend common Trueshott AV_28 04_0571_edited-2-1.jpg

Yellowish belly-chin,dark eye-ring,Light grey back. Poor pic.

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Plumage is similar

Although the grey upperparts, black mask and off white underparts are similr to Wheatear, the shape and habitat are wrong.
Wheatears are plumper birds, that are found on the ground (they may perch on small trees, but will pretty much always be on top when they do).
The slim shape is perfect for a Lesser Whitethroat, a warbler that typically skulks within scrub, but which will often feed inside the tree canopy. The underparts, and the throat in particular, tend to be very white, but can be 'dingier' on some individuals and will sometimes 'reflect' nearby colours (which may be making the underparts look yellower than they actually are).

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Inclined to agree

The more I looked the more I confused my self, thank you.