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Observed: 1st October 2012 By: adamjohnhaynes
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I can see ivy, bramble and a slug.

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just realised I was supposed

just realised I was supposed to identify the ivy, my bad.
maybe Hedera helix, walthamensis or hibernica?

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ha! ha!

Well done Fraybento, that made me laugh! I did wonder why a plant would be IDd as "slug".

I can see:

Ivy, looks like common Hedera helix.

Some dead conifer needles, in pairs therefore pine: they look - assuming the ivy and the slug to be of normal size - about 3" therefore probably Scots pine , Pinus sylvestris.

Something leafy, could be bramble, could be an Ash seedling (although the toothing looks a little too coarse for Ash, I'd need to see it to be sure).

Odd leaves (fresh one top right, dead one bottom left) which look a bit like Alder.

And, crowning glory, the lovely slug, yum!

This is fun! Do we get a prize for identifying the most items?

Rachy Ramone

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