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Skeleton found on SW Australia beach

Observed: 14th March 2012 By: Paul Williams

Long narrow skull like piece of skeletal bone.
Found on a beach near Denmark in South Western Australia.
I am guessing at the Amphibian Reptile group.

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It doesn't look too much like

It doesn't look too much like a reptile to me. Maybe a bird, or fish?

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bird ?

i thought it looks like a vertabrae of an alligator or crodcidile, but im not an expert lol

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skeleton on Australian beach

Thanks for the comments. It never occured to me that it might be a bird. I think its straightness sent me dowm a more reptilian path though I hsve no idea what a reptiles skelton would look like. Now you have said bird it makes a lot more sense. It is ceratinly full of holes and very light Thank You.