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Greek orb spider? with cicada

Observed: 2nd August 2008 By: smokeydan
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very similar to british common or garden/garden cross spider, but larger. for reference, I believe the cicada would be around 7cm in length.

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Wow, that makes the spider a

Wow, that makes the spider a giant too!

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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you think i might have

you think i might have overestimated the size of the cicada? hmm-well maybe, but not by much- not so good with metric, but I'm looking at a ruler now and i wouldn't say it could be much less than 6cm to the end of its wings- I spent a fair amount of time looking at/photographing them at quite close quarters.

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This could be Araneus

This could be Araneus angulatus or a close relative. A.angulatus is recorded from the Arctic Circle to the Med - which seems a bit unlikely - but just possible. A.angulatus occurs rarely in SE England and it is a large, handsome spider. Where we have species in common with S.Europe, theirs are often larger.
Look at the front of the abdomen where the white spots are - these appear to be on small protuberances, typical of A.angulatus, also the whitish triangular mark right at the front, between the 'humps' is typical of this spider in England.