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Foliose lichen on cliff

Observed: 29th September 2012 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Foliose lichen on cliff i
Foliose lichen on cliff ii
Pembs 1 July 2013

Light grey foliose lichen with circular thallus about 15cm across. Dark isidia increasing in density towards the centre of the thallus. Lots of patches of this lichen covering vertical cliff above the high tide mark. Possibly Parmelina pastillifera.


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looks... could be - I guess I worry that this lichen is halophobic?

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Good point.
At the time, I didn’t think about logging all the other sorts of lichens on that section so I can’t suggest if it might have been in or near the halophobic zone. Must do that when I visit next time.
I didn’t see these lichen on other areas nearby whilst I was on the beach. The particular cliff section with these lichens was aligned almost perpendicular to the shore line. There would still be exposure to sea spray, of course, but not as much as a cliff section parallel to the shore line. Whether the exposure would be low enough for the site to fall outside the halophilic zone I’m not sure.
Many thanks for raising the issue.

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Return visit.

Following gramandy's comments above, took the opportunity to look again on a return visit. Lichen looked more light green than the grey described before. The lobes look narrow, long and ragged rather than rounded and indented. The isidia looked cylindrical rather than spherical. Third image added from this return visit (but still not showing the light green colour well). Now I think it is more likely to be Xanthoparmelia conspersa but still need to carry out some of the chemical checks.

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After another look, I am sure you are right. The yellow-green colour of X. conspersa is never captured well in my photos either.


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X. conspersa

Many thanks for help.