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Myotis daubentonii

Observed: 1st October 2012 By: bm4886
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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This is a sonogram recorded from my Batbox duet feeding a recorder, recorded in real-time at 19:55 BST approx. The location was on the east bank of the River Thames by Wallingford bridge. Weather was fair. The sonogram is produced using 'Batscan'.

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Daubenton's is pretty much bang on 50khz, and I've not heard it described as 'burning scrub' before', that sounds more like Natterer's. Geiger-counter, Bouncing ball-bearing or Tommy-gun are more usual, and I think more accurate descriptions of the sound through a heterodyne. Nonetheless if it was skimming the Thames then you're no doubt correct

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Daubenton's is certainly

Daubenton's is certainly common on the Thames round Wallingford

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Burning scrub is more like natterers but they are very unlikely to be flying low, that is a Daubenton trait.

The sonogram, long and steep, is typical of duabenton but it can also be that of natterers. Of the two it is more similar to natterers and daubentons usually have a 'kick' at the bottom, but not always. The spread is large running from below 20 to over 80 Khz also more representative of natterers.

Graham Banwell

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