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? chicken of the woods ? polypore

Observed: 1st October 2012 By: Joanne
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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? chicken of the woods ? polypore

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Your really need close up clear photo's of the top,under side stem gills or pores information on habitat and size to enable a identification being made or agreed on.I hope this help's with future photo's you post as you clearly have an interest in fungi and have gone to the trouble of posting them on ispot
Look forward to future photographs nice place Plessey woods.


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Thank you - I'm just a

Thank you - I'm just a beginner in photographing wildlife but I'm realising that there are just so many fungal species that a lot more detail need to be supplied to gain an identification! Unfortunatley I just have a rubbish camera phone which doesn;t help!