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Tiny ladybird

Observed: 3rd October 2012 By: coloursofmemorycoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebratescoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebratescoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebrates
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How tiny is tiny ?

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Size of ladybird

About half the size/ length of a 7 spot ladybird (which is out most common variety here). So, about 4mm (ish?)

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Pronotum is wrong for

Pronotum is wrong for 10-spot, as are the elytral spots - A10 has the pattern 1-3-1, Harlequin 2-3-3-1. While A10 is quite variable, it's mainly in the strength of the spots and the presence/absence of extra spots at the back of the elytra.

4-5mm is the lower end of the Harlequin size range, but isn't unheard of, especially as this is such a terrible year

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Tiny ladybird

Thanks. I'd always thought that harlequins were bigger than this particular individual. It hadn't occurred to me that the weather might have adversely affected their size.

I've recorded it with the ladybird survey, as I have other ladybirds I've seen this year, but there's been a marked drop in numbers this year round here.

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A harlequin can be 5mm.

A harlequin can be 5mm.