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Willow Warbler

Observed: 28th April 2012 By: Sara GarciaSara Garcia’s reputation in BirdsSara Garcia’s reputation in BirdsSara Garcia’s reputation in Birds
Willow Warbler
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Pic a bit small but it looks rather Chiffy. Seems to have an eyering, not much of an eyestripe, small suoer, not a huge primary proj. and small bill with rounded forehead (I know last one isn't very good).

You say audio - can we post audio recordings on here or you mean you heard it?

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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Hi Jamie,
When I said ID done using audio I meant that I used the bird song as a complementary use of identification since it is easier to distinguish the Willow Warbler and the Chiffchaff by song than just by looking at them. Unfortunately I didn't record it, but I'm positive that it was a Willow Warbler.

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