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Weasel ?

Observed: 25th September 2012 By: DaveCunninghamDaveCunningham’s reputation in Mammals
weasel ?
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I'm not convinced this is a weasel, the face look broader than a stoats but the line between the dark upper and white lower sides is just too straight and clean to be a weasel. I don't usually direct people to Wikipedia but if you look at the photo on there of a weasel you'll see what I mean, weasels have a more blurred boundary demarcation and it is jagged in pattern. Also their picture of a stoat shows how the line is straighter and sharper, as here.

However, again in favour of weasel it does appear to have pale edges to the ears and pale 'blotches' on the face; more indicative of weasel but not unknown in stoats.

I really don't want to call on this one and would be more comfortable agreeing to Mustela sp. unless you have some other evidence for this being a weasel, for example did you see the tail?

Graham Banwell

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same thought

I would rather agree with Mustela


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Me too. I also thought the demarcation between light and dark fur was very straight (stoat), but the pink nose looked more like other postings of weasel, and we can't determine size from this photo (although aesthetically it's a lovely image!). The black tip to the tail or not would decide it, if you saw, it as Graham says.

Gill Sinclair
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When i first looked at the photo I thought weasel.
I'm not sure but it doesn't look right for stoat.
I think the rufous tinge to the fur ab=nd delicate features both point towards weasel