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Animal foot

Observed: 27th July 2012 By: ratgrannyratgranny’s reputation in Mammals
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Our neighbour heard an animal (apparently) screaming at about 3am, looked out and couldn't see anything, but in the morning we found this foot and a rib cage about the size of a small orange in our back garden. We wondered if it is a hedgehog, and what could have eaten it. We do have badgers. There were no signs of any prickles.

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I think your right it fits with example shown in my mammal book,you need to put on the scientific name just click on the recommended button.It could be mink,stoat,fox badger


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Dead hedgehog

Hard to say what did it, however, strange there were no prickles left but a ribcage was.

Badgers and foxes skin hedgehogs and stoats/weasels are more likely to drag prey to a quiet location. They all feed on hedgehogs.

Graham Banwell

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