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Fungi on Beech roots.

Observed: 25th September 2012 By: moremothmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmoremoth’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Fungi on Beech roots.
Fungi on Beech roots.

Clumps of fungus on the roots of a mature beech tree. I could not see any signs of spores or gills or pores, so presumably these are not mature.


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I saw the same again this morning, on the roots of a beech stump about a mile away from this one (this one is a living tree). Does L. sulphureus grow on Beech?

Bill Welch

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Grows on Broad leaved tree's favours Oak but is found on other broad leaved tree's I found a large amount on Ash last week


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I've found Chicken-o-t-w on

I've found Chicken-o-t-w on Yew, Sweet Chestnut and Oak, and Giant Polypore on the roots of a beech tree (see, all in the beautiful Christchurch Park.

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I have made an entry for the one I saw today here:
Seems to be the same, but a bit further developed, and less like C-of-the-W. I have seen C-of-the-W on Oak plenty of times, and on Chestnut at Knole Park last week, but I haven't seen it on Beech. But then I am not very experienced with fungi.

Bill Welch