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Toward Beach 027

Observed: 16th July 2012 By: ls8758
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Toward Beach 027
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ID notes

Aster tripolium (sea aster) is a composite. The "flowers" of composites are actually inflorescences composed of many (as few as 5 in wall lettuce, but usually many more) florets. At a broad level there are three types of composite flowers - thistle-like, dandelion-like and daisy-like. Aster tripolium has daisy-like flowers, which are composed of a central disc of tubular flowers, surrounded by one of more rings of ligulate (strap-like) flowers.

Your observation is of a different type of flower. It is a single flower, with 5 bilobed petals. The combination of bilobed petals and the particular form of the flower eye points at subfamily Caryophylloideae of family Caryophyllaceae.

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