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Calystegia sp.

Observed: 14th October 2012 By: Beagle
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Creeping, climbing plant swamping plants on which it is growing; found along woodland/grassland margin.

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I thought you had to see these from the side to check the bracteoles to separate from silvatica?

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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You don't have to, but the bracteoles are usually a clear unambiguous character which distinguishes C. sepium and C. silvatica. I try to get a view of them for confirmation, but at least sometimes C. silvatica can be positively identified at a distance by the larger flowers. More expert people can probably do better.

I can't identify this one from the photographs.

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C. sepium

I have added a photo taken from the side and the epicalyx of two bracteoles appear longer than the calyx lobes and scarcely overlapping each other which would suggest C. sepium. Regards