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Observed: 29th September 2012 By: pen-y-bont_mikepen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenspen-y-bont_mike’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

These were growing in an area of short grass surrounding a practise green on a links golf course, mowed but probably not as frequently as the fairways.
The 3rd photo is of a similar specimen growing about 1.5m from the first 2 photos.


No identification made yet.

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I was going to say entoloma

I was going to say entoloma very tentatively for this one but it seems to have a ring on the stem so might be a cortinarius. However far from sure about either ID.

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Thanks for the comment. I've had a look at the general description and a few examples of both. Entomola looks a possible. I didn't notice a ring on the stem in the field and can't see one in the photos either. There is a shadow across the stem in the first two photos. The specimen in the third photo was damaged, probably by me when taking the earlier photos, when I found it and the mark just above where the stem whitens may be a result of me bending it!

I am still a total novice though and may be missing something obvious so if I'm wrong and there is a ring or have misunderstood your comment please correct me.

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The stem does seem to have what I would call spiraling grooves if this helps

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The first image has the hint

The first image has the hint of pink gills which some Entolomas have and if there was no ring then its looking a bit more like this.