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Observed: 29th September 2012 By: Grinning Soul

Red Toadstool on grazing land by coast. Exposed hillside East Facing 200-300feet above sea level.


Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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To identify fungi

The iSpotters really need to know about the gills and the stem, as well as the cap.
These have all the looks of the Russula genus, but there are others they might be. Knowing what was growing around them - especially tree types - is also important.

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Funghi Identification

Thank you for trying to help me identify this in future I will try get more detailed photos including the gills.

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Additional Information

Most of these funghi were alongside or under thistles, they were on grazing land that has not been ploughed for many years. Mainly sheep graze this land but occaisionally cattle. It is an open hillside and is a few hundred feet above sea level. Very exposed to the elements east facing.

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You can tell by the cap it's a Hygrocybe and this is the type of habitat they grow in. If you can get more photos of the stem and gill's that would be great,I get a lot of this genus were I live and it's the same habitat too


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I'm no expert -

but pretty sure Fenwickfield is right - the size and habitat are spot on, and the caps are indeed waxy.
The red ones aren't common where I live, but perhaps I should have guessed they weren't Russulas.

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Were all

We are all learning Amandan so don't worry and your right when you said that more people need to put photo's of gill's stem ect on With Hygrocybe there are lot's that are red and it is not possible to say which on just genus.