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Grumpy red squirrel

Observed: 29th September 2012 By: angelatopazangelatopaz’s reputation in Mammalsangelatopaz’s reputation in Mammals
grumpy red squirrel

squeeky and grumpy. I did leave him treats.

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Are they all the same

I have had a similar experience, could this be a common characteristic of these lovely red squirrels?

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Yup, I think they are all feisty redheads.

Last week whilst I was in these woods. I found a red squirrel. Unfortunately My camera battery went dead. I was gutted. He came right down to the branch above my head, to give me a jolly good swearing at. I can only imagine what foul profanities he was hurling at me. So this week I made sure the battery was fully charged. There he was collecting beechnuts on the ground. He was furious, and climbed to the nearest branch to chuck the beechnuts. I presumed this was the same squirrel because of all the cursing he was doing, but I now think they are all fiery redheads.


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Angry red squirrel

...and hey say the grey squirrels are the bad guys!

Graham Banwell

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