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Tephromela atra

Observed: 28th September 2012 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Tephromela atra

Growing on siliceous rock in the splash zone, a grey crustose lichen with abundant lecanorine apothecia ranging in size from mere dots to about 2mm. Picture 2 although not well focussed gives some idea of scale. Thallus is cracked, warty and where there are few apothecia, not unlike a cauliflower head to look at! It tests K+ pale yellow turning rapidly to pale yellow-green. I think in spite of the lumpiness of some areas, that it is Tephromela atra. Some of the lumpier parts were washed off in the recent gales.


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Tephromela atra

Alan S. says of this species it is "like fossilised porridge". He also says "Easily confused with Lecanora gangaleoides, with which it may grow, but L. gangaleoides typically has a slightly darker, sometimes greenish tinted thallus, orange colour in the lower medulla (pick away the surface) and it lacks the purple colours internally in the apothecia."
Perhaps Alan will post his opinion on this too.