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Wood sorrell

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Oxalis acetosella

Oxalis corniculata Linn. Is it same as acetosella? When I was a child in undivided Bengal, my Mum,used to make Chutney with the leaves. I remember seeing them growing in damp patches around the garden in our house.I would be interested to know.Thank you

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I'm not an expert I'm afraid.

I'm not an expert I'm afraid. I don't know how closely related these two species are. Same genus for course. I know acetosella is also edible though. I ate some of this one!

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O. corniculata, although closely related to O. acetosella is a quite different plant. It is one of the two relatively common yellow flowered Sorrels which grow as weeds in the UK, although mostly in the South. Often seen on driveways and in cracks in paths. (The other, which has smaller flowers is O. exilis - from N. Zealand I think) Bad weeds, once you have them they're almost impossible to eradicate.

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