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Jelly in field

Observed: 28th September 2012 By: DIGGER
jelly in field
  • Jelly Blobs (Gel)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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I've found this stuff lots of

I've found this stuff lots of times - there is a long discussion about it here: http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/82898

This linked observation may well be a fungus (Exidia sp.)- but this only grows on wood and I've found this jelly in wet places. There are plenty of plausible (and less plausible) explanations - but I've yet to hear the definitive answer...

Rob Coleman

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I think this should probably

I think this should probably be put in the unknown category rather than reptiles and amphibians.

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jelly in field

I agree I should have put it in the unknown category - being new (!) I surmised that it may be toad spawn ... unlikely to be from a nappy as we have no neighbours and this was in the centre of a 4 acre field. Anything to do with slugs? I have another puzzle which I will attempt to post - it is in an ajoining field dating from November

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I find that foxes rummaging

I find that foxes rummaging through bins/bin-bags, tend to rip up nappies, having found them in the past where i work.


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Yes, I've seen it too. Didn't take it home, it looked too revolting. There is a long discussion on BBC Scotland about this, which includes everything from fungi through conspiracy theory to aliens. One comment deserves inclusion: Bang & Dahlstrom (Collins Animal Tracks & Signs) cite frog oviducts as a source of such jelly, left by a predator as inedible or unappealing.