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Leisler's Bats

Observed: 13th July 2012 By: Sara GarciaSara Garcia’s reputation in Mammals

Roost of Leisler's Bats in town house. 59 counted on 18/6/12 and 64 on 18/7/12
The bat in the second photo was found on the ground near a couple of meters from the roost

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Video clip of Bats emerging

I have a short video of the Bats emerging from their roost

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You should be wearing gloves

You should be wearing gloves to show good practice

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Grounded bat

What have you done with the grounded bat? Please call 0845 1300228 for advice. For the sake of the bat, you should be wearing gloves.

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Hi HawkHoney, Thank you for

Hi HawkHoney,
Thank you for taking an interest with helping with the bat. I found him in July and after an unsuccessful release attempt I handed him over to the local bat expert.
I have done a course with Bat Conservation Ireland which included handling techniques and, as far as I am aware, the only reason to wear gloves is for personal protection. If you know of any other reasons concerning the bat's welfare please let me know. In this case the bat had been laying in a drain for probably quite a few hours and he was very cold and wet. I think he benefited, and certainly enjoyed, being kept in my hand till he was warm and dried.

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