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Peribatodes rhomboidaria, Armeno, Italy

Observed: 13th August 2012 By: martinjohnbishopInvertebrates expert

Wingspan 38 mm

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Looking through Leraut Moths of Europe Volume 2 there are quite a few Peribatodes species that occur in this area.

Possiblities with somewhat matching features would seem to be rhomboidaria, perversaria, umbraria, secundaria, or ilicaria.

The closest seems to be rhomboidaria but unless a specimen was retained I'm not sure if a safe ID will be possible.

Were any hindwing features noted?

David Howdon

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I did not keep the specimen;

I did not keep the specimen; it flew off.
I did not note hindwing features because at the time I did not know what to look for. All I have is the photograph.