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Warblers near river hotel

Observed: 29th July 2012 By: Paul Munns
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This is a picture of a warbler spotted outside a Dorset Hotel

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Cettis Warblers

You should also be able to hear them - a loud explosive chip, chip-chip, lots of chips.

Just as an aside, if this is the Bridge House hotel, it was once owned by Kojak!

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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Le Fearndown

You may want to check the coordinates on your map Paul, currently it shows the River Hotel as a bit south of Calais!

Oh and yes if Chetti’s they must pack one of the loudest calls for your buck you can get. Amazing volume for any bird let alone one this size.



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Reed Warbler

Structure totally wrong for Cetti's. Its a juvenile Reed Warbler (pale fringes to feathers).

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Structure and stuff

I certainly hesitated before suggesting Cetti's for this one - mostly because the crown and forehead seemed too sloped - a view of the tail would have been nice.

However I've not been able to find any Reed Warbler images with such a well-defined chestnut cap, set off so nicely by a prominent eyestripe running clearly behind the eye. The bird clearly shows immature features but are you sure it's a Reed?

Donald Hobern

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Reed Warbler

Yup - just a very new one! The shape is acro and it is unstreaked leaving Reed plus Blyth's Reed, Marsh and Great Reed Warbler. The latter 3 are all really rare and only Marsh breeds, mostly in the east so its a Reed Warbler.

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Oops, the pic said March 2012

Oops, the pic said March 2012 which I looked at more than the bird. :-)

Jamie from Briantspuddle