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Lichen with pink-brown apothecia

Observed: 24th September 2012 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Lichen with pink-brown apothecia i
Lichen with pink-brown apothecia ii
Lichen with pink-brown apothecia iii

Thin white thallus growing on mortar of siliceous sandstone church wall. Pink-brown apothecia. Some almost spherical. A few smaller apothecia seem to be still partially embedded in the thallus e.g. one about half way across and a third of the way up image iii. Possibly Trapelia coarctata.


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No idea...

but you've reminded me of my find that I assigned to this taxon, which looks nothing like (although Smith et al. permits a rare pale green). I will probably send it to a referee.

Trapelia coarctata should give a C+ red reaction, but in my sample (which of course may not be T. coarctata) it faded rapidly and was missed the first time around.

Possibly a microscope job.


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Thanks for information about the C+ red reaction. Picture is after heavy rain over previous 24 hours. The almost spherical shapes of the apothecia were different and interesting for me.