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Catapillar or grub?

Observed: 26th September 2012 By: coloursofmemorycoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebratescoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebratescoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Solomon's Seal Sawfly

Looks like the ones I used to get on garden Solomon's Seal, all round the edges of the leaves with their tails up. Where did you find it?

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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I've come across similar

I've come across similar looking ones feeding on Yellow Flag Iris, sometimes reducing them to tatters, but this year there were very few of them about.


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Sawfly larvae

It was under the leaves of some radishes, which were growing under a cloch, so, nicely protected and warm. I didn't see any damage to the radish leaves, so don't know what it's been eating.