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Unknown manace insect

Observed: 3rd January 2008 By: Ayan Das
bite mark

it may be a minor crop pest because my room is present near a crop field. it bites very bad. you can't feel it first because most of the time it bites while you are asleep. it nay bite in response to defence. its larvae are in a cocoon like structure attached with the wall. the cocoon is very small in size and grey in colour. adult may be reddish brown with black or it can be just black. sometimes wings are observed sometime not. most of the time it creeps around.

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Resembles a type of Rove

Resembles a type of Rove Beetle. Thrips have 4 feathery wings & are usually minute; antennae appear to be too long also, but there are at least 3000 sp. to go at.


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rove beetle

The beetle in your top left photo is one of the rove beetles in genus Paederus. This is unlikely to be biting you (rove beetles are predators of other small insects, and or likely to be beneficial rather than pests from the point of view of the crops).

However, there are cases of species of Paederus causing skin reactions if they become squashed on the skin, due to the defensive chemicals the beetles contain. There is more about this on Wikipedia (I can't vouch for the accuracy of this but it seems to provide an overview of the issue):

(The cocoon on the wall won't be from the rove beetle, so there may be other species involved here as well.)

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Paederus species have been

Paederus species have been recorded in causing serious damage to eyes if they inadvertantly fly into them.

Rob Coleman

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Brilliant - I didn't know about these and immediately thought of something that bites! I wonder if there might not be a giant thrips somewhere out east though...

Anyway, another dangerous thing to watch out for!

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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...and I must tell the House scriptwriters about this one!

Jamie from Briantspuddle