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Observed: 26th September 2012 By: Zahadoom

Could someone please Identify this insect? They have infested my friends backyard, he believe they came from woodchips he bought and put down. There are thousands of these and we can't seem to identify them with anything else...
They seem too look like the Triatoma, but they have a metamorphosis, as you can see in the one picture, they are changing now into those red insects... We've never seen anything quite like these... The city/health department doesn't even want to take our call or come look.

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Aka Soapberry Bug & Zug.Not a

Aka Soapberry Bug & Zug.Not a commercial pest, a nuisance when over-wintering in houses. Google has several refs.


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Thanks so much everyone!

Awesome, found that first link on google to be great.

Thanks again everyone.. You 2 were both dead on..

Boisea trivittata